The Rocket Baguette Rising Stars are opening to EU Grand Champions!


Registrations for the RBRS Season 2 opened this week-end and the league is now ready to welcome even more teams outside French-speaking regions! For players craving to improve as a team, Rocket Baguette is offering a unique league play format over several weeks, wih weekly updated rankings and player statistics!



After a successful first season, with 133 teams registered and 118 that completed the 12 weeks of competition, the Rocket Baguette Rising Stars are coming back with an even bigger second season, opening up to the Grand Champion players across Europe. This ambitions league aims at providing a friendly and regulated competitive environment, with extra features such as individual player statistics updated each week.


Initially, the league was designed for French-speaking players of all levels (starting in Platinum 1). In the first season, however, a few international teams competed, such as eMonkeyz Club, showing incredible sportsmanship and positive behaviour. The Rocket Baguette staff therefore decided to expand, this season, to all EU players in the Grand Champion range.


The concept of the league is simple: every team plays one BO5 series per week, deciding on the day and time with their opponents, and then reporting the results to the Rocket Baguette admins. The results, standings and statistics are updated every week-end when all the series in the league have been played. Volunteers can also have their games streamed on the Rocket Baguette Twitch channel.


What can you win in RBRS S2, you would ask? For now, there are no rewards in the league. However, season one showed how beneficial participating in a league play format was for a team. Many players stepped-up significantly over the course of the season. To that, we can add the visibility provided by all the Rocket Baguette communication platforms if you're performing in the league, especially if you're playing on stream.


Regitrations closed!


Below, you can find the complete ruleset in English for RBRS Season 2 and the registration form to sign-up for season 2.


RBRS S2 English Ruleset
Règlement RBRS S2_English.pdf
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