The Survival Guide of the 4000€ Sogeti Esports Series tournament


The Sogeti Esports Series are a Rocket League tournament that has been going on for a month and whose finals will be held this saturday afternoon in Paris. 4 teams will battle for a 4000€-prize pool.



Organized by the french tournament organizer Glory4Gamers and sponsored by Sogeti and VivaTech, this tournament was first composed of online qualifiers. 4 teams escaped out of the 4 cruel single-elimination brackets. Each of the open qualifiers saw almost 100 teams enter. The competiton was fierce and 4 teams earned their tickets to Paris finals.

This Saturday, May 18th, the qualified teams will face at the VivaTech exhibition in Paris, an European version of the Las Vegas' CES tradeshow. The frame will be perfect to showcase some high level Rocket League esports. This whole project has been made possible by Sogeti, a Capgemini subsidiary supporting major groups in their digital transformation.

The competition will be hosted by Rocket Baguette and their casters Bachi, Boyan, FuuRy & Rasmelthor, and broadcasted on the Rocket Baguette Twitch channel, in French.

Who are the qualified teams?



First team to qualify, We Don't Bim Bam made a roster change, without losing a drop of talent: the experienced Shakahron was repaced by Calix, RLRS contender these past two seasons. Besides him will stand Virtuoso, an Irish wonder, winner of the last RBRS and the brilliant Breezi, former ExceL player that appeared in the Gfinity Elite Series and won the last Insomnia LAN.


The Dutch Bim Bam were known for a long time as Mcon Esports. They're the 2nd best team in the Netherlands, only beaten by Team Echo Zulu in the last grand finals of their local championship. However, they took their revenge by winning their Sogeti qualifier finals against... Echo Zulu! They're also know for having eliminated TSM during the last DreamHack Leipzig.


The Norvegian club of Nordavind has been in the Rocket League scene for over a year, always close to the top. This is the most experienced team in the Sogeti Esports Series finals. Data and Sebadam participated to the early RLCS seasons, and the 3 of them have multiple appearances in RLRS. They've improved a lot as a trio over the last weeks, we're witnessing that in the Superstar League. Also to be noted, Sebadam is still undefeated in Paris, after having won the Randstad.game tournament last fall without dropping a single game.


A Spanish team took the last spot! Led by Wolfsonthemoon, former RLRS player and inventor of the "Bim Bam". A very special guest considering his opponents' names! By his side, Godsmilla might seek revenge against his former Nordavind team, with which he played two RLRS seasons. Their third his no other than Seeb, the current Triple Trouble sub.


If you missed the online qualifiers, you can catch-up with the highlights :


Qualifier 1

Qualifier 2

Qualifier 3

Qualifier 4


The 4 teams will face in a single-elimination bracket : BO7 semi-finals and grand finals and BO5 third-place match. The prize pool is dispatched as follows:

1st - 2500€
2nd - 1000€
3rd - 500€

Don't miss the action, this Saturday at 1:45 pm CEST !


By Boyan

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