Let the Superstar League begin!


The regional stage of the Rising Stars circuit is now over as every region has delivered their qualified teams. 24 teams have earned their spot in the Superstar League, and the right to fight for the biggest share of the 1000€-prize pool.



A few weeks ago, summer was ending and European Rocket League players were registering for something unprecedented. All over Europe, Regional Rising Stars Leagues were being announced and early september, 522 teams were beginning their journey in a League Play. Today, a couple of months later, we are pleased to announce that 441 teams have completed regular season, playing until the end of their League. The complete Rising Stars figures will be shared soon.

Among those teams, 24 have qualified through the first league tier of their region for the Superstar League, the European Cup following the regional leagues, built on a similar model as football's UEFA Champions' League. The 4 best teams of France, UK, Spain and the Scandinavia region, the 3 best teams of Germany, the 2 best teams of Italy and Portugal, and the Netherlands champion.



In France, Exalty has won the title, sweeping WithMyBoyzs in the Grand Finals, after an intense semi-finals against the one and only Baguette Squad. In Spain, Mav3ricks upsetted RCD Espanyol before loosing the championship to ARG - Monkey Moon winning his second consecutive Regional League (France's RBRS S3 and GDRS S1). In the UK, Intellectuals will come as #1 seed, followed by Virtuoso's Ireland, RelatingWave's Brexit and Aeriality, who's recruited Misty, former 1NE player from Malaysia who's moved to London. In the Nordics region, the brave Nordavind boys will come as #1 seed to defend their Superstar League S01 title. In Germany, Team Vertex came on top of the League, sweeping the Triple G combo in the grand finals, while in the Netherlands, nobody could stop the JorJaJor team, undefeated all season. In Italy, Team WLF will enter its second Superstar League season and FTW Esports will represent its country as the Portuguese champion.

The 24 teams are now spread in four pools of six teams. They will play a round-robin League Play for five consecutive weeks and the top 3 teams of each pool will qualify for the Superstar League Playoffs. The group stage will be played every wednesday and thursday, starting at 8 pm CET, with two streams, operated by both Rocket Baguette in French and Rocket Kingdom in English. Additional language broadcasts should occur at least in Spanish and German.


Standings & schedules for Pools A & B

Standings & schedules for Pools C & D

Stay tuned on the Rising Stars twitter for the detailed schedule of each playday!


By Boyan