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The Rising Stars have taken off!

Rocket Baguette just launched the first season of the Rising Stars, its new European Rocket League circuit composed of regional championships and European cups. Almost 2000 players distributed in 524 teams have joined the 8 regional leagues operated by Rocket Baguette and its local partners.

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Why you should play in the Rising Stars – a message to the bubble

The Rising Stars circuit is being launched in Europe. It consists in 8 leagues covering 14 countries that will lead to a continental competition, the Superstar League. You’re intrigued. The graphics look cool, maybe we’re dealing with some professional stuff, there surely is some sweet prize pool… Well, not really. The Rising Stars are just a community event. The most ambitious Rocket League has ever seen. And it needs you, the players.

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RBRS: the foundations of a European Leagues circuit

The most ambitious league-play competition of the Rocket League scene is back for a third season. For the first time, there have been some tweaks to the format in order to build the foundations of an European Leagues circuit. Let us share our plans regarding the Rocket Baguette Rising Stars with you.

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