English · 19. décembre 2019
The first Rising Stars season has concluded with the triumph of Baguette Squad over Dead Rabbits. It is now time to take a look at the incredible figures of the circuit that generated an astonishing amount of Rocket League esports.

English · 05. novembre 2019
The regional stage of the Rising Stars circuit is now over as every region has delivered their qualified teams. 24 teams have earned their spot in the Superstar League, and the right to fight for the biggest share of the 1000€-prize pool.

English · 03. septembre 2019
Rocket Baguette just launched the first season of the Rising Stars, its new European Rocket League circuit composed of regional championships and European cups. Almost 2000 players distributed in 524 teams have joined the 8 regional leagues operated by Rocket Baguette and its local partners.

English · 14. août 2019
The Rising Stars circuit is being launched in Europe. It consists in 8 leagues covering 14 countries that will lead to a continental competition, the Superstar League. While no cash prize has been announced yet, let us give you some other reasons on why you should play in the Rising Stars.

English · 31. juillet 2019
Rocket Baguette announced the Rising Stars last week with the mission to bring an exciting format to Rocket League esports. European players will be able to compete in their country in order to become the champion of their region, then fight for the European crown against top teams from other regions of the continent!

English · 21. mai 2019
While the Superstar League is more than halfway through its season, the regular RBRS season has now been over for a few weeks, after the playoffs concluded. It is now time for the post-mortem report of this unprecedented season.

English · 15. mai 2019
The Sogeti Esports Series are a Rocket League tournament that has been going on for a month and whose finals will be held this saturday afternoon in Paris. 4 teams will battle for a 4000€-prize pool.

English · 21. janvier 2019
The most ambitious league-play competition of the Rocket League scene is back for a third season. For the first time, there have been some tweaks to the format in order to build the foundations of an European Leagues circuit. Let us share Rocket Baguette's long-term plans reguarding RBRS with you.

English · 26. octobre 2018
Yesterday, the first European Renegade Cup Monthly tournament concluded, with Red Reserve winning the Grand Prix! Ronaky, Tadpole and Speed earn $1500 as well as their spot for the Renegade Cup finals next February!

English · 22. octobre 2018
Three weeks have passed since the first EU Monthly of the Renegade Cup has begun. 8 teams are still in the run to win the Rocket Baguette Grand Prix. It's time for Playoffs Week! Quarter Finals on Wednesday, Semi and Grand Finals on Thursday!

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