English · 26. octobre 2018
Yesterday, the first European Renegade Cup Monthly tournament concluded, with Red Reserve winning the Grand Prix! Ronaky, Tadpole and Speed earn $1500 as well as their spot for the Renegade Cup finals next February!

English · 22. octobre 2018
Three weeks have passed since the first EU Monthly of the Renegade Cup has begun. 8 teams are still in the run to win the Rocket Baguette Grand Prix. It's time for Playoffs Week! Quarter Finals on Wednesday, Semi and Grand Finals on Thursday!

English · 12. octobre 2018
We are now halfway through the first month of the Renegade Cup! This week was held the Round One of the Rocket Baguette Grand Prix and 16 teams made their way into the next stage of the tournament. But the 16 defeated teams still have work to do, for Renegade Cup points!

English · 08. octobre 2018
The 4 Open Qualifiers are now over! Top 32 teams that will earn some points during the Renegade Cup are now known. Here is the composition of the 8 pools of Round One after which 16 teams will go on to Round Two.

English · 04. septembre 2018
Registrations for the RBRS Season 2 opened this week-end and the league is now ready to welcome even more teams outside French-speaking regions! For players craving to improve as a team, Rocket Baguette is offering a unique league play format over several weeks, wih weekly updated rankings and player statistics!

English · 20. juin 2018
The first season of the Rocket Baguette Rising Stars has almost come to an end. While a few teams are still busy with playoffs, most players have finished the season. Let's check a few stats from this massive community event.