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Warm your Octanes up! The Europa Rising stars is the roster restriction free Regional League of the Rising Stars Circuit, brought to you by Rocket Baguette! Grab your team up to 5 players and try to qualify for the €2500-Superstar League!



Who can play?

  • Players on Steam/PS4/XB1 above the Champion 1 rank can register in rosters of 3, 4 or 5 players,
  • Any roster combination outside of two French / Belgian / Swiss or two Spanish / Portuguese or two German / Austrian players. The Europa Rising Stars are the Regional League for rosters that don't meet the RBRS, GDRS and FRS requirements.


Check out the complete ruleset and join the Rising Stars Discord.


The schedule

  • Registrations end on February 13th, 11:59 pm CET
  • Leagues and calendar are published on February 16th
  • Regular season begins on February 17th
  • Playoffs begin on April 13th

Okay, you registered. Then what happens?

  • The league is hosted on the Rising Stars Discord to which all the players from a team must connect.
  • In order to play their weekly series, both captains must communicate through Discord to schedule the series, demonstrating respect and good will, under the supervision of their division admin.
  • The captains must then upload the .REPLAY files of the series in a dedicated Discord channel.
  • When things go wrong, there's some penalties teams can get, leading to disqualification. Using 3 jokers will have your team disqualified from EURS.


Fault Jokers
More than 48h without answering to opponents or admins 1 joker
Series not played before Sunday 11:59 1 joker for the team considered responsible for the delay, or 0,5 joker for each team in case of shared responsibility
Impossibility to complete a begun series 1 joker
Showing-up 15 minutes late to a scheduled series 1 joker
Showing-up 45 minutes late to a scheduled series 1,5 jokers
Postponing a series 3 hours before the scheduled time 1,5 jokers
Not showing up for scheduled series 1,5 jokers
Series played with an unregistered player account 1,5 jokers (+ potential replay of the series)
Refusing to play or organize a series Disqualification
Use of 3 jokers Disqualification


Complete Ruleset

Europa Rising Stars Ruleset.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 242.1 KB