Shooting League

The Shooting League is the third tier of RBRS Nordics. It is composed of one division of six teams.


Format – Teams compete in a BO5 round-robin at the pace of one series per week. Both captains are in charge of scheduling their weekly series according to their availabilities.


Playoffs – The top two teams will compete in a BO3 of BO7 Grand Finals to become the Shooting League Nordics Champion, with a one set advantage for the team that finished on top of League Play.



Schedule / Results


Semaine du 02/09/2019 au 08/09/2019
Horizon vs Get Hooked
Kings Esports vs Triple Babes
Miracl3 vs Takavoltti

Semaine du 09/09/2019 au 15/09/2019
Kings Esports vs Get Hooked
Miracl3 vs Horizon
Takavoltti vs Triple Babes

Semaine du 16/09/2019 au 22/09/2019
Miracl3 vs Get Hooked
Takavoltti vs Kings Esports
Triple Babes vs Horizon

Semaine du 23/09/2019 au 29/09/2019
Takavoltti vs Get Hooked
Triple Babes vs Miracl3
Horizon vs Kings Esports

Semaine du 30/09/2019 au 06/10/2019
Triple Babes vs Get Hooked
Horizon vs Takavoltti
Kings Esports vs Miracl3



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