Warm your Octanes up! The biggest community league is coming to Germany, brought to you by Rocket Baguette & Team Firewall! Grab your team up to 5 players and try to become the RBRS Germany Champion!


Check the divisions' pages for detailed format.



Who can play?

  • Players on Steam/PS4/XB1 above the Champion 1 rank can register in rosters of 3, 4 or 5 players,
  • RLCS starters in 2019 are not allowed,
  • A team must play all their series with at least two players from Germany or Austria. A 3rd player from another country is allowed.


Check out the complete ruleset and join the Rising Stars Discord.


The schedule

  • Registrations end on August 26th, 11:59 pm CEST
  • Leagues and calendar are published on September 1st
  • Regular season begins on September 2nd
  • Playoffs begin on October 28th

Okay, you registered. Then what happens?

  • The league is hosted on the Rising Stars Discord to which all the players from a team must connect.
  • In order to play their weekly series, both captains must communicate through Discord to schedule the series, demonstrating respect and good will, under the supervision of their division admin.
  • The captains must then upload the .REPLAY files of the series in a dedicated Discord channel.
  • When things go wrong, there's some penalties teams can get, leading to disqualification:

Fault Penalty
More than 48h without answering to opponents or admins 1 point
Series not played before Sunday 11:59 1 point to the team considered responsible for the delay, or 1 point to each team in case of shared responsibility
Impossibility to complete a begun series 1 point
Showing-up 15 minutes late to a scheduled series 1 point
Showing-up 45 minutes late to a scheduled series 1,5 points
Postponing a series 3 hours before the scheduled time 1,5 points
Series played with an unregistered player account Disqualification
Refusing to play or organize a series Disqualification
Cumulation of 3 penalty points Disqualification
Complete rules
RBRS Germany Ruleset.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 171.5 KB